Postgraduate PhD Students

Kojo Impraim

What makes you interesting? 

Impraim has faith in God in whatever he does. He loves family setting and enjoys the company of his colleagues in the corporate environment. He likes travelling wide, has exotic taste for nature, including fashion, home decoration and meals. He loves reading, and has a great sense of humour.

  • Bio

    Impraim has 17 years work experience from multi-cultural setting. He is the Deputy Director Research, Monitoring and Evaluation at National Peace Council, Ghana ( He served in managerial positions at Africa Worldview; Institute for Democratic Governance; Ghana Pentecostal Council; Ghana Education Service; Political Science Department, University of Ghana; and University College of Entrepreneurship. He managed donor projects including STAR-Ghana; EU; UKAid; Christian Aid; Trust Africa; and Idasa. He consulted for Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, Ghana Journalists Association, Africa Centre for International Law and Accountability, NewmontCorp Ghana, Agence Francaise de Developpement, and UNDP. He is a member of America Political Science Association.

  • Title and Summary of PhD Project

    Human Security, Democratic Policing and Public Safety in Ghana

    The global order has become complex with several threats to human survival —transnational crime; trade wars; terrorism; kidnapping; weaponry; insurgence; underdevelopment; poverty etc. Human security, democracy and development are linked asymmetrically. In the literature, the state is positioned as purveyor of security. Much attention is not placed on the symbiotic relationship among human security, policing and public safety as multipliers for economic take-off. Public safety is “step-child” to human security. Arguably, the police are handmaiden of the state. Human security and public safety in Ghana are challenged with weak law enforcement. The role of criminal administrative system becomes imperative. It seems obvious the need to frame classical perspective of security to include human security, safety and policing. The study fills this gap by examining not only how human security is linked to public safety, but the degree to which policing fosters public safety and human security in Ghana.

  • Publications

    1. Impraim, K., and W. Nyarko (2018). Ghana’s Human Rights Record and Equal Protection from Violence to all Citizens, International Journal of Innovative Research and Development. Vol. 7, Issue 10, pp.187-196 DOI No.: 10.24940/ijird/2018/v7/i10/OCT18049
    2. Anaman, K.A., K. Impraim and C. Y. Okyere (2011). The Public Agricultural Budget Analysis Process in Ghana, Institute for Democratic Governance, Accra, Ghana.
    3. Impraim, K. (2011). Enhancing the Participation of Smallholder Farmers in Agricultural Policies and Climate Change in Ghana: What Must We Do? Africa Academy of Science, Nairobi, Kenya.
    5. Impraim, K. (2020) Thuggery, Sophisticated Impunity: Threats to Representative Democracy in Ghana (forthcoming)
    6. Impraim, K. (2020) Protecting the People: Police Response to Political Vigilantism in Ghana (forthcoming)


  • What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

    I encountered a former Deputy Director of Education when I started working at age 22. He told me three things in life that when one fails to plan them well, he or she will be miserable—education, career, and marriage and family. In all of these, if one allows marriage to take precedence, he or she will find it tough to overcome poverty! He said, young man, think about these, and I wish you would educate yourself, secure a job, and have a family!