Course Components

Course Cycle

Departmental postgraduate courses are offered on a two-year cycle.  While some courses repeat every year, there are some that will only be held every alternate year.  For an idea as to how this works, see the plan below.  Please note that this list does not necessarily mean these courses will be offered during the year in question.  For confirmation on the course listings for the current and following years, please refer to the course list.


Description Code
Theories Of International Relations POL4002F/S
Public Policy POL4006F/S
Comparative Politics POL4012F/S
Comparative Public Administration POL4013F/S
Comparative Transitional Justice POL4032F/S
Public Management POL5006F/S
Policy Evaluation & Implementation POL5007F/S
Political Behaviour & Research POL5023F/S
International Political Economy POL5032F/S
Data Analysis in Political Sciences (1/2 course in Research Methodology) POL5035F/S
Post-Conflict Justice in Africa POL5037F/S
Third World Politics POL5045F/S
Democratisation POL5046F/S


Even Year Cycle
Description Code  
African Politics POL4033F/S (alternates with POL4008F/S)
Public Sector Reform POL5019F/S (alternates with POL4015F/S)


Odd Year Cycle
Regionalism in Africa POL5043F/S (alternates with POL4033F/S)
Local Government POL4015F/S (alternates with POL5019F/S

 Other courses offered on occasion

Theories of Rights and Justice POL4003F/S
Developmental Local Government POL4011F/S
Public Policy Analysis POL4019F/S
Development Management POL4026F/S
Peace Operations in World Politics POL4039F/S
Global Political Thought POL4044F/S
Public Administration and Governance POL4045F/S
Internships I and II POL4005H POL5005H
Dialectical Political Thought POL4048F/S
Comparative Foreign Policy POL4049F/S
Comparative Politics POL5001F/S
International Organisations POL5014F/S
Financial Administration POL5020F/S
Comparative Political Institutions POL5022F/S
Special Topics I, II, II, IV POL5026F/S POL5036F/S POL5038Z POL5039Z
Public Administration Thought POL5027F/S
Political Ethics POL5029F/S
Conflict in Africa POL5034F/S
Peacebuilding: Issues & Problems POL5042F/S
South African Politics POL5044F/S


Description Code  
Research Project POL4007H Honours (all Politics programmes, including Interdisciplinary Programmes - unless supervised in different departments)
Minor Dissertation POL5010W Coursework Masters (all Politics programmes, including Interdisciplinary Programmes - unless supervised in different departments)
Masters In Political Studies POL5000W Research Masters
Masters in Public Administration POL5003W Research Masters
PhD In Political Studies POL6000W PhD Thesis
PhD in Public Administration POL6001W PhD Thesis