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Mr Guy Lamb

Guy Lamb is the Director of Safety and Violence Initiative (SaVI) at UCT, a post he has held since October 2012. Prior to this he was a Senior Research Fellow and Programme Head of the Arms Management Programme at the Institute for Security Studies. He has undertaken research on arms control, violence reduction, conflict management and peace building issues in Africa for more than 15 years, and has produced various publications in this regard. Guy has served on the United Nations (UN) Security Council Panel of Experts on Liberia as the arms and security specialist, and is a member of the UN’s small arms control standards generating expert reference group. He has worked extensively with the Southern African Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation and number of governments to strengthen firearms control processes in Southern Africa. He has managed peace building research projects (and undertaken research) in Southern, Eastern and Central Africa for the World Bank. Recently he has provided arms control technical support to numerous African governments during the 2012 negotiations for the UN Arms Trade Treaty. Guy has also previously worked for the Centre for Conflict Resolution (South Africa) and the Nordic Africa Institute (Sweden).

Select Publications

Edited Publications

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The Conventional Arms Trade and its Control in Africa (Pretoria: Institute for Security Studies), 2009.
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Peer Review Journals

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Chapters in Books

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