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Associate Professor John Akokpari

Associate Professor John Akokpari is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Political Studies with a PhD from Dalhousie University, Canada (1996).

His research interests include Globalisation and Africa, Africa's international relations, International Migration, and Democratisation in Africa.

Recent publications:

  • (2013) “The Crisis of Social Cohesion in Africa: Is Regionalism the answer?” in Candice Moore (ed.) Regional Integration and Social Cohesion: Perspectives from the Developing World (Brussels: P.I.E Peter Lang): 131-154.

  • (2013) and Sarah Ancas “The African Union and Regional Economic Communities: A Partnership for Peace and Security?” In Tim Murithi (ed.) Handbook of Africa’s International Relations (London: Routledge): 73-81

  • (2012) “Is Electoral Politics a new source of Human Insecurity in Africa” Afro Asian Journal of Social Sciences 11(3): 1-24

  • (2012)  “Environmental Degradation and Human Insecurity in Sub-Saharan Africa” Journal of Human Security 8(1): 24-46

  • (2011) “The Political Economy of Chinese Capital in Sub-Saharan Africa: Implications for Governance” Global Development Studies 6(3-4), Winter-Spring: 49-78

  • (2011) “Limited  Capabilities, Great expectations: the African Union and Regional Conflict Management” in Stefan Wolff and Christalla Yakinthou (eds.) Conflict Management in Divided Societies: Theory and Practice (New York: Routledge): 151-166.

  • (2010) “Politics and Governance in Africa” in Korwa Adar, Monica Juma & Katabaro Miti (eds.) The State of Africa 2010/11: Parameters of Governance and Issues Areas (Pretoria: AISA): 69-86

  • (2009) “Migrant Remittances and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Cautionary Note” Global Development Studies 5(3-4) Winter 2008-Summer 2009: 31-52

  • (2009) “Problems and Prospects for regional integration and Development in Africa” in Adekule Amuwo, Hippolyt Pul and Irene Adadevoh (eds.) Civil Society, Governance and Regional Integration in Africa (Nairobi: DPMF): 297 - 317

Past Supervision (Conferrals from 2009)




Atta-Asamoah, Andrews
Transnational Security Challenges and Statehood in Africa: A Case Study of Drug Trafficking in Ghana. download
Azevedo, Elisabete
Elected Legislatures in Sub-Saharan Africa: Attitudes of Citizens from 18 Countries towards Legislatures, with a particular focus on Mozambique, its Assembly and Parliamentarians. download




Ancas, Sarah
(JT) 2011
(degree and thesis with distinction)
Peacemaking in Africa – A critical analysis of the relationship between the African Union and African sub-regional organizations in recent peacemaking initiatives. download
Bagwandeen, Mandira
(IR) 2013
(thesis with distinction)
Will Iranian Oil Still Fuel China? An Analysis of Beijing’s Stance on International Sanctions Against Iran. download
Boynton, Elspeth
(IR) 2015
Protectionism and South Africa’s National Migration Policy. thesis not available online yet

Bybee, Megan
(IR) 2015

Water Governance & International Cooperation over Trans-Boundary Water Courses in Southern Africa: The Case of the Okavango River Basin. download
Duthie, Shawn
(IR) 2013
Beyond the rhetoric: A theoretical analysis of the effects of neo-patrimonialism and inter-governmentalism on the integration process in Africa. thesis not available online yet
Edmonds, Gina 
(IR) 2012
(thesis with distinction)
The Next Scramble for Africa? A Critical Analysis of the Implications of Foreign Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa: a study of Mozambique. download
Eyles, Rupert
(IR) 2012
Bananas? A review of applications of ripeness theory in Southern Africa. download
Harry, Priya 
(IR) 2011
Preventing the Resource Curse? An examination of the Chad-Cameroon Pipeline Project. download
Kadyamatimba, Tafadzwa
(IR) 2012
Food security in Zimbabwe: An exploration of the causes. download
Kim, Suweon
(IR) 2009
(thesis with distinction)
Leadership and Bureaucracy in Developmental States: Case studies of Korea and Ghana. download
Kiprota, Sally 
(IR) 2012
The East African Community (EAC): Achievements and challenges since 2001. download
Knoetze, Christopher
(IR) 2015
Food Security and Sovereignty in Malawi: Foreign aid’s role in impeding the access and availability of food in Malawi. thesis not available online yet
Lobban, Ryan 
(IR) 2011
The Merits of the Human Security Paradigm: A Materialist Account of Peasant Insecurity in sub-Saharan Africa. download
Malimela, Langelihle 
(IR) 2010
(thesis with distinction)
Analyzing Thabo Mbeki’s policy of ‘quiet diplomacy’ in the Zimbabwean crisis. download
Mausethagen, Solvi 
(IR) 2010
The OECD and governance: Investigating the dissemination of ideas in national policy making. download
Mungwari, Patience
(Development Studies - Sociology)
Fighting HIV/AIDS Insecurities Using a Human-Rights Based Approach:  A Case Study of Zimbabwe. download
Nagar, Dawn 
(IR) 2010
Towards A Pax Africana: Southern African Development Community’s Architecture and Evolving Peacekeeping Efforts, 1996 - 2009. download
Nagar, Marcel
(IR) 2015
Democratic Developmental States in Southern Africa: A Study of Botswana and South Africa. thesis not available online yet
Nyoni, Tavaka 
(IR) 2010
The foreign policy of a radicalised state- the two level game of Zimbabwe's relations with the IMF (2000-2007). download
Otitodun, Elizabeth 
(IR) 2010
Post–conflict reconstruction in Angola. thesis not available online yet
Penfold, Erica 
(PS) 2011
(thesis with distinction)
An analysis of the role of political actors in defining ethnicity and electoral outcomes in Rwanda. thesis not available online yet
Pentenrieder, Justin 
(IR) 2011
What is the best timing for post-conflict elections? The cases of the First and Second Liberian Civil War. download
Radebe, Magcino 
(PPE) 2011
An analysis of the heavily indebted poor countries' initiative in Uganda. download
Sauls, Julian 
(IR) 2011
The Impacts of International Non Governmental Organisation networks on housing policies: A study of Kenya. download
Setlaba, Mosa 
(IR) 2011
Foreign Aid in Africa: An analysis of its costs and benefits. download
Smith, Liesl
(IR) 2013
(thesis with distinction)
Revisiting Human Responsibilities: Prospects and Challenges. download
Thompson, Kristen 
(IR) 2012
(thesis with distinction)
Regional Education Initiatives: Lessons for Southern Africa. download
Van Zyl, Jeanri 
(IR) 2010
The Bretton Woods School of Development communication as an 'agent' of modernisation in Sub-Saharan Africa. download

Contact Details:

Room 5.29, Robert Leslie Building, Upper Campus
Postal Address: Department of Political Studies, University of Cape Town, Private Bag, Rondebosch 7700.
Tel.: +27 21 650 3385