Permanent Staff


Political Studies Department, University of Cape Town
5th Floor, Robert Leslie Social Science Building, Upper Campus


  Research interests

Assoc. Prof Thiven Reddy

Head of Department

Convenor: Politics postgraduate programme

Rm 5.31, R Leslie bldg
+27 21 650-3388

Comparative politics; South African politics; regime transition and democratisation; political party systems and political parties; post colonial theory and identity politics

Assoc. Prof Zwelethu Jolobe

Deputy Head of Department

General Postgraduate Convenor

Rm 5.34, R Leslie bldg
+27 21 650-3382

International mediation, African politics, conflict resolution, and global governance

Assoc. Professor John Akokpari

Convenor: International Relations postgraduate programme

Rm 5.29, R Leslie bldg
+27 21 650-3385

African politics; international relations; political economy; comparative politics

Prof Robert Cameron

Rm 5.24, R Leslie bldg
+27 21 650-3380

Comparative local government politics & administration; public sector reform; public administration thought


Prof Anthony Butler

Rm 5.22, R Leslie bldg
+27 21 650-3384

Politics & public policy in South Africa, including political funding, theories of the state, policy uncertainty, party systems, the politics of HIV/AIDS policy, and black economic empowerment in SA

Dr Lwazi Lushaba

Rm 5.24.1, R Leslie bldg
+27 21 650-2050

Political philosophy; Subaltern Studies (decolonial thought, the politics of representation, and postcolonial theory); African politics; radical African/Black traditions of intellectual thought

Dr Vinothan Naidoo
Senior Lecturer

Convenor: Public Policy & Administration postgraduate programme

Rm 5.23, R Leslie bldg
+27 21 650-3383

Public administration, with a special interest in comparative public administration and development management.

Ms Alecia Ndlovu 


Rm 5.26, R Leslie bldg
+27 21 650-4748

Political economy of development, politics and governance in Africa, comparative politics,  quantitative research methods.

Dr Helen Scanlon
Senior Lecturer

Convenor: Justice & Transformation postgraduate programme

Rm 5.27, R Leslie bldg

+27 21 650-5593

Transitional justice in an African context; conflict resolution; peace-building; gender and conflict

 Dr Lauren Paremoer 

Senior Lecturer 

Rm 5.30 R Leslie bldg 


Global governance for health, social justice, social movements, social rights.

Dr Elias Phaahla 


Rm 5.23, R Leslie bldg

Comparing development and welfare paradigms of South Africa, Mauritius and Chile; emerging powers and the remaking of the global economic architecture.

Dr Gregory Maxaulane


Rm 5.66 R Leslie bldg


Social and Political theory

 Politics in South Africa and the Black Atlantic World